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PROBLEM:The search feature in the scrap stash app does not work on system versions above iOs 7.

SOLUTION: Use your web browser in your smartphone and go to this site. Log in here to access your stash list and the search feature on the site. The web site is not adapted for mobile, but once you get to the 'My Stash' tab, the search box is right above your list so it's fairly easy and convenient to make a search (as you can see in the screen shot below).


PROBLEM: You log in via Facebook but you can no longer log in via the ScrapStash app. That is because Facebook changed something in their API for logins from mobile apps. 

SOLUTION: Log into this site via Facebook and follow the directions on this page to get a local login on this site to use in your Scrap Stash app.


The reason for these problems is that Apple and Facebook have changed ways to operate within iPhone apps. Unfortunately there is no funding to even have someone look at these problems and even less money to fix it. If you love Scrap Stash app, please consider donating. Read more here!

In all other support cases, follow these instructions:

  • First, take a look at the FAQ page and at our Forum.
  • If you don’t find any solutions or answers there, send an e-mail to
    • Give us a detailed description of your problem.
    • Copy and paste your user ID (found in Account Settings) for faster support. 
    • We will get back to you within 24 hours. 

We appreciate if you report back to us any time you find any error or "bugs" on the web site and in the iPhone app. Scrappypedia and ScrapStash are beta versions, meaning new an not thoroughly tested, services and your error reports will help us build a better service for you. Thank you!

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